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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to make all subdomains queries to my domain (keeple.com) point to my linode. I am using the Linode DNS Manager.

I currently have {empty} and www pointing to my linode and mail pointing to my mail server (located elsewhere). All is working ok for these three.

A/AAAA Records
Host Name     IP Address  TTL     Edit    Remove
{empty}   Default     Edit    Remove
www   Default     Edit    Remove
mail   Default     Edit    Remove
*   Default     Edit    Remove

As you can see I added a star (*) record. But no matter what I try (using Nabber's excellent DNS check tool at http://www.nabber.org/projects/dnscheck/), I'm not getting any results when I query test.mydomain.com. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hmm, it was either a slow updating DNS or due to the host reboot of this afternoon. But my wildcard seems to be working now.

How long does it take for a DNS entry to become effective? Should be instant right?


How long does it take for a DNS entry to become effective? Should be instant right?

The update of the linode server may be instantaneous (I don't know either way), but the tool you are using to check almost certainly is pointing at it's own caching server, which may or may not be caching negative results. In other words, "it depends".

If you install 'dig' on your linode (or your home Linux box), you can query arbitrary servers and get complete results.

From the DNS manager page:

> Zones that require generation, activation/deactivation or deletion are done so every 15 minutes.

The last generation time for each domain is showed on the page, you can check that to see if your changes have been applied to the server yet. If it's after the last updated time and you're still having issues than it's the caching like others have described.


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