AXFRs from and

I have several domains set up in the DNS Manager, all of which are slaves.

I have started to get AXFR requests from and, which turn out to be and, for my domains.

Is there permanent documentation somewhere of which IPs we should allow to AXFR, and what our nameservers will actually be? ns3 and ns4 seem to be new.

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Yes, ns3 and ns4 came online yesterday. The list is now:

:arrow: - - Dallas, TX

:arrow: - - Fremont, CA

:arrow: - - Atlanta, GA

:arrow: - - Newark, NJ


Can this be added to the bottom of the DNS Manager page?

I also found ( to be useful on the allow list if you want to import a domain to the linode dns manager.

The ip at least comes up when you click the "Import a zone from a remote nameserver" link (though being noted on the DNS Manager page would be helpful as well) The other dns serve addresses should be noted somewhere on the DNS Manager page as well.

Something going on with ns3? Looks like it isn't responding to queries. I can ping it just fine.


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