20% more disk space.

> Again, on behalf of the Linode team, I thank you for your patronage.

No really, thank you! Congratulations on 5 years.

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Happy Birthday Linode!


95% of companies don't make it through the first 5 years - so congrats and may the next 5 years be doubly as good for you guys; you certainly deserve it!


I've been around for just over 4 of those years. I have never had any problem with my linode (what was it back then, a linode 32?) and will probably be a linode customer for as long as they are in business. Thanks Linode!

Well damnit!!!!!!!

You mean I have to reboot??

To receive something totally free??

Well damnit I refuse based on principal alone!!!!!

On a serious note……

Thanks so much Chris (aka caker) you make this service what it is.

And that is a seriously fun service to have. Not much if any down time

and if there is any you let us us know why.

Plus it seems like a couple time a years you just out of the blue add more to our already existing accounts.

Linode f'ing rocks!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations, and thanx for the free space.

I love Linode. :)

I haven't even been here for like 2 months and this happens already, great to see! :)


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