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I understand that by default Linodes only have a single IP address from the 2a01:7e01::/64 subnet and one cannot use any other addresses from that subnet - is this correct?

If that's the case, is it possible to request an assignment of a /64 block to my Linode, as I require separate IPs for different subdomains.

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Yes, by default a Linode comes with a single /128 IPv6 address. These addresses are not necessarily always in the same /64, as I can see that my own Linodes are in different /64 pools than the one you mentioned. The exact block that you land in ultimately depends on the datacenter that your Linode is in.

As for assigning an IPv6 /64 block to your Linode, we can absolutely do this! In fact, we can also assign /116 and /56 blocks to a Linode, but for those blocks we do require technical justification before assigning them.

You can find more information about IPv6 and Linode here.

Tom D.
Linode Support Team

Dear Tom D.

My Linode has a /64 IPv6 block. Now, my use case is a VPN that connects some 50 devices in my LAN assigning each a static IPv6 address.

Now, I plan to run a DNS server using bind9 on two of these IPv6 addresses, but how do I set the reverse DNS? I notice that I can only set rDNS for IPv4 but not for my /64 IPv6 block. Is there a tutorial how to set individual IPv6 addresses their own names, like it-help-desk, sales, management, etc.

I hope to hear from you.


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