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I am new user started few months ago with an ubuntu 7.10 server. Since the beginning of june I switched to ubuntu 8.04 and then I started to get emails stating that:
> Your Linode, dolphin, has exceeded the notification threshold for CPU Usage by averaging 91.1% for the last 2 hours.

I have added to the default installation only the following (as I did on 7.10):





Before installing some of my sites here, I would like to know why/how its going on. Can anybody please give me some clues?

thank you so much in advance,

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Hi Dolphin. I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 here and I got bitten by the following bug which triggered the same email warning: … bug/105457">

Have you checked what process is eating up all that CPU? You should be able to log in via lish and then run 'top'… the first process on the list will be using the most CPU, so it should be the culprit.

Thank you piglet,

in the mean time I rebooted the linode and, until now, got no more warnings. If it will happen again I will surely follow your tips and let you know.



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