How do I add my domain to my Linode?

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I'm trying to add my domain to my Linode, but I'm running into issues. What are the steps I should be following when trying to add a website? I'm currently using Apache and Linode's DNS Manager.

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The very first thing you'll want to do is add your domain to our DNS Manager, if you haven't already. DNS propagation takes time so you may as well set it up first and then work on the server-side configurations.

Make sure to review the entire DNS Manager guide as it covers everything needed to host a basic website's DNS on Linode:

After you've added the domain to the DNS Manager you'll need to configure Apache so it understands any requests it receives. This is where Name-based Virtual Hosts comes into play.

Assuming you already have a LAMP stack installed, you'll need to edit your virtualhosts file to include your domain. The following Linode guide covers the steps in detail so take a look at this:


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