ns1.linode.com down for 4 hours?

Any idea why ns1.linode.com was not resolving for 4 hours this morning?

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This happened again last night…

Pingdom DOWN alert:

ns1.linode.com is down at 07/31/2008 02:21:18AM.

Until around 5 am…..

I would really like to see RFOs instead of just notifications…

Hey Ross,

Odd .. I'll sit on tailing some logs and stats throughout the evening and let you know what I find.


This happened again from 3 to 5 last night

Pingdom DOWN alert:

ns1.linode.com (skafari.com) is down at 08/01/2008 03:05:18AM.

Basically the check is doing a dns request against ns1.linode.com for skafari.com

Looks like it did this again last night. Best I can tell, the box went into some swap thrashing state, only to recover some hours later.

I've made some changes to bind, and also upgraded the node's resources. I'll keep an eye on it for further swappage.


This went down again last night


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