install Awstats on Linode or not?

I use lighttpd + PHP5 + MySQL 5 (CentOS 5) on my linode 360 which currently hosts 7 low-traffic websites. To get stats information, I'm thinking of installing awstats on my linode. However, I'm concerned if this will lower the VPS performance significantly. Anyone knows?

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i use awstats, i just dont allow realtime updates.. Theres an option with it to buildstatic pages.. so i generate stats once a night.. But ive manually run it a few times during the day when ive added stats for another domain/site and never noticed an issue with load or anything simular.

Just if your going to run the CGI version of awstats, make sure your ssl and secure it someway.. Theres always vulnerabilities released for it..

Let me know if you want more information :)



I run AwStats on my Linode 360 without problems. I generate the reports for each site, each 20 minutes, then Awstats doesn't have to many log entries to translate. Every website has his own 20-minute interval..

I run awstats every hour on about 9 domains and its easy as pie.


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