Booting into Single User Mode

Ok, since I'm not really getting anywhere with the thread I posted a few days ago about not being able to FTP to my Linode, I'll ask a different question.

I've rebooted in Single User mode in an attempt to solve my issue, and after starting up, I get the message in my Console screen that says:

> Give root password for maintenance

(or type Control-D to continue):

But when I type in my root password I'm told the Login is incorrect. If I hit Control-D it continues along, and gives me the same issue where it stops loading and I get the "Init:no more process left in this runlevel"

Any thoughts?

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I've always preferred the "init=/bin/bash" mode. You can then remount your filesystem read-write with: "mount -o remount,rw /"


If you're getting a login denied at that prompt, you're putting in the wrong password for root. It's asking for the password for the root user inside your Linode. You originally set this when you deployed the distro. Just to be clear, it is unrelated to the password that you use to log into the Linode Manager and Lish.

As for Ctrl-D ending up at the same place, that's because Crtl-D drops you out of single-user mode and continues with a normal boot, so it ends up with the same problem as a normal boot.

Caker's suggestion of using init=/bin/bash will get you in, but if you're not used to remounting things it can be confusing. Another option is setting up a Finnix profile that has all of your disk images mapped and booting into that. I find that it's a little easier for people who aren't as used to using Linux.

I completely understand the difference between the root password and the logins elsewhere. I'm entering the root password and still getting denied. I've even gone so far as to change the root password to make sure I was entering the correct one.

I tried the suggestion for using the init=/bin/bash as well, as it was sent to me as a tech support e-mail, but couldn't get it to work either. Can anyone point to a detailed process for how I should use that one?


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