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I am wondering if there is a way to direct a domain to load a specific page. I only see a place to enter an ip address in the A/AAA record but is there a way to enter something like 111.222.333.444/page.html?

Or how would I achieve this?



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DNS is purely IP to Name and Name to IP.

What you are looking for is a webserver related. Apache or lighttpd can achive what you are looking for.

In apache research

That is something better left for the webserver. You are assuming all DNS lookups are web related. Some are FTP clients or SSH clients. If you want a web request for yourdomain.com to be forwarded to 111.222.333.444/page.html you have a few options.

The easiest of which is probably to configure apache (or your web server of choice) to automatically send a 301 (Moved permanently HTTP Status) to the requesting browser so that the it will, in turn, retrieve the new page your web server points it to.

See the "Redirect Directive" in this page:

my problem is this site does not live on my server, so I cannot get to apache conf. I own a second domain that I want to bring up a sub page on this site.

Well, have your second domain point to a server you can control and have that web server redirect browsers to the subpage in the original server you cannot control.


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