Any suggestions of DDoS protection service provider

I run a website on the Linode server, OS is centos. I also install fail2ban service on it, but I think that can't stop the DDoS attack to the website. Could anyone suggest a DDoS service provider? And how to use it on the Linode server? Thanks in advance!

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Linode Staff

While fail2ban is a great tool for preventing unauthorized access to your Linode, you're right that it won't do much in the way of preventing a DDoS attack.

For DDoS mitigation, there are a number of options available. You'll want to consider your particular use case when choosing a service.

For example, Cloudflare offers a free tier that may handle all your needs if you run a relatively small-scale site. If you are handling high amounts of traffic, need a Website Application Firewall, or would like more in-depth analytics then you will need to utilize a paid service.

I'll list a few recommendations here and let others weigh in with their thoughts and experiences.

  1. Cloudflare

  2. Sucuri

  3. Akamai

  4. Incapsula

You can also find an answer with more details on setting up Cloudflare with your Linode at this Community post.


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