Server Status Script v1.0.0

Just a little script made by me.

Follow the instructions inside the file README.

Also, you may want to make it more appealing by using a CSS style, name it style.css and put it in the same directory as the script.

Working example here:

Download v1.0.0 script from: *

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That isn't working for me. I get "Denied" when I try to go to the URLs for the graph images.

Did you change the username?

Anyway, I thought I'd share a php script I wrote a while back to show Linode stats, you can find it here:

Edit the username, at the end of the 3rd 'define', add a username and password sha256 hash where it says, and it should work fine.

You can find the live version here:

I made a few small changes from my old one to show the uptime in days using php, since I don't feel comfortable leaving the shell() et al functions enabled in php.

Yeah, make sure you've changed all the config part.

Also, nice script zeroday, looks very neat :)

Updated: Now you can choose between "daily" and "monthly" from a dropdown menu :D

I've found out that a lot of people can't see the images.

Can a Linode staff please comment? Is there any way to allow permission to the images?

Reworked script completely. No longer uses images but gets the values from the server.


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