upgrade kernel OpenSuse 10.3

i'm newbie in lamp, i using OpenSuse 10.3 in my linode 360,

i read the documentation about "Zypper", when i run "zypper up", it's recomended to upgrade my kernel. see message below :

> kernel patch license:

This update can be used to install a new kernel.

If you decide to use the kernel update, we recommend that you reboot

your system upon completion of the YaST Online Update, as additional

kernel modules may be needed which can only be loaded after the system

is rebooted.

i tried to googling, upgrade kernel in VPS is a bad idea.

it's safe to patch the kernel in linode?


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The kernel for your Linode is supplied by the host machine (unless you are using pv-grub). You can only insert modules, and you can only do that if you are running under Xen rather than UML (which you most likely are).


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