Prices for extra disk ?


I'm not a current customer although I was long ago. Where do I find prices for extra disk space? I can't find this anywhere on your site.

I have a need for something that requires temporary disk space and not much else so I'd like some information to help me figure out if it's worth going for a Linode 360 plus a few extra GB or if I should go for a 540.



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Strange… the prices were once listed on the signup page, but anyway…..

Checking my own account (I have two different Linode plans), I can tell that extra disk storage space is $2 per month per additional GB (no discounts for paying a full year in advance, though, but annual payments is possible).

Linode 360 (12GB) + 6GB = $19.95 + $12 = $31.95

Linode 540 (18GB) = $29.95

Plus, you get more RAM and bandwidth with a 540.

I still don't understand why it is so expensive to do small upgrades instead of migrating to a bigger plan. Marketing model is strange.

It's probably because it's more a pain in the ass to them to have VM's with different sizes vs a standard size for all (that they can plan allocations much better).

atourino is correct. They charge so much for it because they want you to upgrade to the next plan.

Depending on what you need the temporary disk for, you might be able to use something like S3. It's not as fast to access as a local disk, but it's a really cheap place to store data for a little while.



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