"Portable" Linode Howto

Hey all,

I just went through a blog migration from Wordpress to Drupal. My current Linode setup had been put through the ringer, and was kinda messy. I wanted a way to setup my linode at home while my Wordpress site was still running that would allow me to just push an image up to linode once I was content with my Drupal setup at home.

I managed to do it, and even took some notes while I was doing it. If anyone has any interest in how to do this, feel free to read my post at http://www.sysadminsjourney.com/content … e-with-you">http://www.sysadminsjourney.com/content/bringing-your-linode-home-with-you - please leave feedback!


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Nice page. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

I bookmarked it and may try it myself sometime.


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