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I've been thinking about this for a few days now. I was going to put this as a reply to the thread below named "storage linode?", but then I found that it was over two years old, and the discussion had somewhat drifted off from the question which the OP asked.

So here's a new thread.

What about a little more diversity in Linode plans?

Well, Linode already has plans for everyone (from 360M to 2880M); their prices are nearly unbeatable for the features offered; and of course we all love Linode's rock solid stability and fantastic support.

But still, a few of us might benefit from plans such as the following:

Idea 1 : Linode 120 or Linode 180

This should be more than enough for small sites with a little Apache tuning or with lighttpd. Or a little backup server with nothing but rsync on it. The possibilities are infinite! Searching the forum suggests that, in the early days of Linode, a lot of folks made do with only 64M of RAM. And unlike Windoze, Linux doesn't get bloated over time!

The price doesn't need to be exactly 1/3 or 1/2 of Linode 360. We all know that things tend to be more expensive when purchased in small quantities. You can charge extra for these small plans, and those of us who only need only a little RAM will still save a few bucks a month. That's called Win-Win.

Idea 2 : Linode 360DS, 540DS, 720DS, etc.

That would be my way of saying "double storage for 1.5x the price". For example, a Linode 360 which comes with as much storage as a Linode 720 (24G), but which costs only as much as a Linode 540 ($29.95).

I for one would benefit a lot from deals like this. I'm using a lot of disk space because my CMS doesn't support saving attachments outside of the webroot, I'm too lazy to customize it & break it, and I don't want to have an external storage server FUSE-mounted permanently in place of the attachments folder. But thanks to Lighttpd, I'm using less than 1/3 of my RAM!

But someone else should produce a better name. The names I came up with (e.g. Linode 720DS) sound like they belong to floppy disks. Remember the days of Double Sided Double Density floppies? 8)

If there's enough demand for these kinds of plans, perhaps Linode can take a little chance and prepare a couple of hosts with a different configuration? Yeah I know that you like uniformity ("don't add extras, just upgrade"), but nothing I said the above implies having different-sized VPS's on the same host.

Any thoughts?

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The best way for Linode to offer cheap storage nodes in my opinion is to purchase a SAN that allows for "data deduplication." The nature of what people want to back up would lend itself well to this. Even other non-backup stuff, like email spools benefit from this.


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