Can send email, but cannot receive email

Hi guys …

I have setup my server with dovecot (at least I think I have) and am using SquirrelMail.

My issue is that I can send emails but cannot receive emails.

I tried replying to the email that I sent out, but it still never got that reply.

Any ideas?

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Did you configure your MTA (e.g. postfix, exim, sendmail) to deliver to the same place that dovecot is reading? What MTA? Have you looked in the mail logs? Is your DNS MX record configured correctly?

Fixed my A Record ….

But how can I find out the path dovecot is reading to?

And how do I configure sendmail to look at the same place?

For Dovecot:

grep ^mail_location /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf

It's often ~/Mail or ~/Maildir.

After running that command and I dont get any return ….

Does that mean I don't have dovecot running properly?

Check top/htop/netstat to see if dovecot is running. It probably is, if installed normally.

Either no explicit path has been set for mail_location in dovecot, and the default for your binary is being used, or centos does things differently.

Either way, just peruse dovecot.conf.


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