Drupal site outgrew bluehost, Linode working great

Was very surprised at how quickly I was able to move billeater.com from a shared hosting environment at BlueHost over to a Linode.

I was pretty happy with BlueHost, no real issues with their offering, just had enough visitors that the site outgrew shared hosting.

Pleasantly surprised with the move to Linode. The tools provided were quite good, and I was able to install Ubuntu, mysql, apache, php, drupal, postfix, etc, in just 2 hours or so. And, most of that two hours was reading documentation. If I knew what I was doing, I'd have been done in 15 minutes.

Kudos on the DNS management tool as well. No issues figuring it out, worked like a charm.

Really thought I was going to have to make at least one or two tech support calls, but everything works as promised, no need for calls.

Thanks again Linode crew !

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What size Linode are your running on? What kind of traffic are you seeing?


What size Linode are your running on? What kind of traffic are you seeing?
It's a Linode 360, since I was moving up from a shared host, didn't make sense to go too big.

The site gets just under 4k unique users a month, or 20k page views ( real users / page views, not including spiders, etc ). So, not huge, but it's growing.

Up to around 15k unique users a month, 50k pageviews. Still lots of room to grow. A linode 360 seems to do quite well with Drupal.


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