CPU Usage by averaging 395.3% for the last 2 hours ---eek

So I got a linode alert last night notifying me of almost 400% CPU usage last night, which started about 12:30am. I rebooted and everything has been running fine since. Any where I can look to see what possible happened so I don't run into this situation again? All services were locked up including ssh and http.


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Sounds to me like an OOM (out-of-memory) related problem.


Sounds to me like an OOM (out-of-memory) related problem.

http://admin.eld101.com/munin/eld101.co … 1.com.html">http://admin.eld101.com/munin/eld101.com/cathode.eld101.com.html

you can clearly see the spike on my memory plot before even munin stopped responding. Even if it was memory related, something still would have caused this though, right?


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