HELP: Quick Email Forward Solution

I own a few small blogs and I want to be able to create an email for each domain and have it forwarded to my existing account on an exchange server.

Is there a way to make this possible?

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Try Gmail for Your Domain. It's free!

Create an "info" account, add all your domains as aliases, and set up the "info" account to forward all incoming email to wherever you want.

No - I don't want to use google mail. I don't care what you google fangirls think.

Well, I was going to say wave your magic voodoo stick over exchange, tell it to accept mail for your domains, then set your exchange server as the MX for the domains in question, but I don't know if I should do that after your little outburst at hybinet…


No - I don't want to use google mail. I don't care what you google fangirls think.

Cool down man…

If you hate Google, you could use either Yahoo or Live, I think both of them offer similar services.

If you hate all of them, you'll need to find an email hosting company and pay them a few bucks a month. I used Tuffmail before, they're very reliable but their user interface is seriously crappy. Don't know about other companies.

If you don't want to pay extra, you'll need to use your Linode to do what you want to do. Postfix can get it done if you configure it to forward emails. Go to your favorite search site and type in a few keywords including "relay", "transport", "exchange", etc. There are quite a few pages that discuss what you want to do.

But seriously, things get messy very quickly if you start doing email work on your Linode. Kill the spam before you forward them anywhere else, or your IP address will be added to somebody's blacklist in a heartbeat!

As someone who also will not use google, no matter if it's free or not. I use LuxSci and have been extremely happy with them. I've got an account there with multiple domains and aliases, works great for me. Now they're not cheap but the are by far the best email service I've ever had, reliability and support are bar none.

You can also use Fastmail, I use them for my backup email. Another excellent email service which I highly recommend.

Along the subject of free vs for fee email all I have to say is you get what you pay for ;)

This should be really straightforward to accomplish on your Linode, with Debian's exim4.

You'll just need to tell exim what domains you accept mail for, and then (probably via /etc/aliases), to forward info@ to particular other addresses.

I have two small, low volume servers. Any mail that is necessary is incidental to informational forums, one vBulletin, the other SMF.

How could I tell if my IP has been added to a blacklist?



How could I tell if my IP has been added to a blacklist?
Check your IP here.

Thank you, Peter.



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