How does IP Failover work?

This is stated at linode feature page:

Configure what IPs you own are allowed to come up on each Linode.

What do i do to set it up?


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You need two linodes in the same datacenter. Open the linode in question in linode manager, go to network. In the lower portion of the page, left-hand column is a link for "IP Failover" Click it. This should get you started.

To add some more insight, basically which ever node ARP's for the address last will be the one that traffic goes to. So do be careful that they both aren't trying to constantly fight over it or your traffic will probably go all over the place.

In terms of configuring it inside your OS yourself.. Add both of them to the network cards ie eth0:X and go from there..

(deleted - stupidly replied to wrong thread.)

thanks for the kind reply.

So if I have two linode account, configured with HA.

which linode/Where should I load my website?

My website has database, so I don't think i can load my website to two linodes, am i right? if not the database will not sync each other…

:oops: sorry I am trying to understand this HA.

Ok, use HA.. Use private ips to do heartbeat monitoring. Use master:master mysql replication and have your application point to local host for its database server.

Have HA automaticly ifup the public IP when it detects the other server down.

Thats how you can do automatic fail over.. Either use rsync or something else to do your file level copy, or do it yourself depending on how you feel like doing it..

We have 2 Tier App/Database linodes (both 720s)

What would you suggest to have HA and load-balancing? Also Would you suggest keeping mysql localhost and do mysql master:master replication or keep it 2-Tier?

I was thinking of having app1 and app2 linodes and Db linode (3 linodes total) but if the mysql does down for whatever reason, HA fails.

Appreciate your suggestion.


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