Odd Kernel problem with postfix

Feb 16 09:35:13 thedarkcitadel kernel: pickup[8579] trap invalid opcode ip:7ff3d07b02b3 sp:7fffd87adf40 error:0 in pickup[7ff3d07ae000+3000] Feb 16 09:35:16 thedarkcitadel kernel: pickup[8581] trap invalid opcode ip:7fb845ff02b3 sp:7fff4dff0770 error:0 in pickup[7fb845fee000+3000] Feb 16 09:35:20 thedarkcitadel kernel: pickup[8582] trap invalid opcode ip:7f3f42f262b3 sp:7fff4af24c40 error:0 in pickup[7f3f42f24000+3000] Feb 16 09:35:20 thedarkcitadel postfix/master[8310]: warning: process /usr/lib/postfix/pickup pid 8582 k illed by signal 4 Feb 16 09:35:20 thedarkcitadel postfix/master[8310]: warning: /usr/lib/postfix/pickup: bad command start up -- throttling Feb 16 09:36:20 thedarkcitadel kernel: pickup[8613] trap invalid opcode ip:7f6aeb8802b3 sp:7ffff387f410 error:0 in pickup[7f6aeb87e000+3000]

This is with

Tried to restart it again a few minutes later and it worked. Will see if this pops up again with

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