CPU Usage Graph higher than actual - what gives?

Using small Linode for small game server development & experimentation hosting.
With the server running, my Linode CPU usage graph is pegged at 100% but according to all my system analysis utils my server daemon & support (via top) is only using about 7-10% of CPU cycles and the load doesn't even hit 0.20.

I don't want to be looking problematic at 100% constantly but it seems to me the graph is wrong… Unless I am missing something?

Please help, not sure what's going on or what needs to be done.

Thank you.

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The Linode Manager graphs are best-effort, meaning they may not always be correct. This is because the graphing system cannot actually interact with your Linode since it has no access to your server. It would be worth installing Longview to confirm your resource usage. Since Longview is directly running on your Linode it would be able to give a more in-depth view.

The following two guides will be helpful if you aren't familiar with Longview:


Well, this should be explicitly stated on the dashboard in order not to mislead people.

Hi @oquidave. That's a very valid point, and thanks for passing along this feedback. I've made sure to record this suggesstion in our internal tracker. Please, feel free to pass along any feedback you ever have via feedback@linode.com or here.


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