Configure Static IP

ok need some help here on configuring my static ip. I am following the guild in the wiki here

I think I get this part````
iface eth0 inet static

if I am understanding it right the only part of my address that changes is y in this example````

the next part I is the part I am haveing truble with     server1

now I know that my ip starts it off what do I put in the rest

I just got the domain and have not configerd it yet threw godaddy

wuld I use somethign like   somename1

and if so do I need to do any thing with it at godaddy? like point it to a name server?

I am shure I will have more questions later but I wanted to know what to put in this particular file be for going to far

thanks for any help you can give to the noob :)

btw I am running Ubuntu 8.10 if that is needed to know

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The address and gateway values should be taken from the Network tab of your Linode Manager.

For DNS, you need at least an A record (here's the current one - pointing to the parking server): 3530 IN A either on GoDaddy's DNS of on Linode's. If you use Linode's DNS, you need to set Linode's server's as the DNS servers at GoDaddy.

thanks that helped out alot :) got it all working


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