[SOLVED] Linode Port Blocking?

Does Linode do any port blocking? Specifically of IRC?

I tried installing nbircd on my linode, and I could connect from the linode to itself on 6667 using the public IP (not the loopback / localhost), but I couldn't connect externally from 2 different clients on 2 completely different networks. I triple checked my firewall config on the server, and both the clients can connect to other IRC servers fine. Even tcpdump'ing on the server doesn't show even the SYN packets hitting the server from the clients, so I'm a bit confuddled :/

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Atlanta blocks 6667 inbound. If that's a problem for you, submit a ticket and we can get your Linode moved to another facility.

Other than that, if you're running CentOS, they have a fairly restrictive firewall rule set enabled by default.


Linode doesn't, but the Atlanta data center does. If you really need inbound port 6667, the best solution is to file a support ticket and ask to be migrated to one of the other three data centers. You'll have a couple hours of downtime and get a new IP though.

Edit: Shucks, caker is fast!

Well I'm in Atlanta so that makes sense then! Atlanta provides the best speeds for me, and I have 2 Linodes there so I don't really want to move.

Is it just 6667? Can I use 6666 and 6668 etc? I'll just run on those if it's only 6667.

Otherwise, I'll just stick with running ngircd on my home server :P

(Thanks for such quick replies guys! :D)

There's a list of blocked ports. It hasn't been updated in almost a year, though.. It shouldn't be hard for you to try and see what ports are blocked. You could configure the ircd, or just try to telnet to them and see if they show up in your firewall log or tcpdump.


see above for a list of what ports are blocked.

oops it seems that they block port 1080…

I want to buy a VPS to have port 1080 opened with HTTP service…

I want that port 1080 works in the same way of port 80,

I need that apache listen for HTTP request on both port 80 and 1080…

Is there a way to solve that problem with blacklisted port?

pick a different data centre..


pick a different data centre..

what datacenter give me full access to port 1080?

atlanta is the only datacentre that blocks ports.. Pick anyone other then that :)


atlanta is the only datacentre that blocks ports.. Pick anyone other then that :)

are you sure?



I'm in Dallas and my port 25 is blocked.
No firewall.
Support says all restrictions are lifted

How is this possible?


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