How do I rename, if possible, my linode domain name?

Hi there, I was wondering if it is possible to change my linode domain name: "" to something else. I already pointed my own domain to it and it is actually working fine, the only sort of issue i have is that the files are clearly being loaded from my linode's domain (apart from the header which looks like is coming from my own domain). If it is not possible to change it's name, i'd like to know if there is an other way to change the folder's name containing my website's files. To be a little more specific, i've done a couple of test on my website using tools such as '' or 'curl' and the source of my website's files is, i'd like to know how i can change that.

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You can change it via Linode manager, select your linode and go to Remote Access » Reverse DNS.

@matbaonetwork thanks for your answer, i've already set up a reverse DNS and A record, my website is accessible from both my linode domain and my own domain, but still the source of all of my files is the linode domain address:
I can have access to my website through my domain or linode domain (which i'd like to rename), but in both cases the files i browse are served from linode's domain, to make a 'clear' example: when i go to, the file index.php is served from

Hey there! So for that, you will want to double check your Virtual Hosts file on the Linode. That is likely re-routing connections for your domain to the domain. Depending on whether you are using Apache or Nginx, you can look up the relevant guide for editing your virtual hosts file in our documentation section.

@scrane it worked like a charm <3 thank you.


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