start 2 linux on one linode?


i am currently migrating from fedora to centos. is it by chance possible to have 2 distributions beeing up at the same time ? the other way i thought of would be to transfer settings etc to a transer-partition, but this way i would need to reboot into the other distribution everytime i want to check something..


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You can have multiple profiles, but you can only boot one at a time.


Not exactly, but I think you could mount your Fedora disk image in the CentOS one.

Edit the CentOS profile and set /dev/xvdc (assuming that is unused) to the Fedora disk image.

Now boot into the CentOS profile and mount /dev/xvdc somewhere:

mkdir /mnt/fedora
mount /dev/xvdc /mnt/fedora
cd /mnt/fedora

You should see your fedora stuff in /mnt/fedora now. When you're done, unmount it (umount /mnt/fedora) and edit the CentOS profile so it doesn't include that /dev/xvdc device. As long as you have enough disk space, you could keep the Fedora disk image around for a while until you're sure you've got everything.

good idea, will try that, thanks


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