hi everyone,

just signed up this weekend and setup my vps for mail/web serving. moved over because i became a disgruntled user of an oversold, overcapacity shared hosting company.

just wanted to say 'hi' and all :)


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Hi Mookie.

Glad you came. You'll like it better here.

Every experience I have had here is positive. I don't think the server my linode is on has ever had a significant load. It is as if I have a private dedicated server for the price of a vps.


I've been a Linode user for a few years now, and I've never regretted the day I signed up :). Customer support and system reliability has always been excellent, and the company has always been transparent about problems when they've occurred (rare as that has been).

Things have become even better around here since the switch to the new servers with Xen; having four-way Xeon CPUs available has been wonderful. Gone are the days of a VPS getting bogged down by some CPU-bound process that takes a while to execute.

Good luck with your new server!

So, far (after a couple of days), so awesome! My server literally runs screaming fast – and is idle most of the time, which is good for me because at the shared hosting place, I'd usually see loads of 15-20. Now, things are quick, quick and QUICK :)


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