Switched Back, Best Decision Ever

I used to be a Linode customer a few years back. The service then was great. The minor problems I had were quickly fixed by the support staff.

There came a point, where I no longer needed the VPS, so I canceled the account.

Fast forward to about 6 months ago. I had a new need for a VPS. A friend of mine had recommended me a certain company to get a VPS from. It wasn't Linode, but it was a few bucks cheaper, and appeared to offer everything I needed. So I signed up.

Starting off, I had quite a few problems. After numerous tickets with their support team, the problems would get fixed, however, a few days later they would show right back up. After fighting with their support team, I decided I would sign back up with Linode as I knew from past experience how great the service was.

While I just started my VPS up here, it has so far taken me significantly less time to get a running server then it did with the other host. Not to mention the server manager is probably 100x then any commercial product out there (previous host used some sort of Parallels manager thing that sucked).

Overall, I'm glad to be back with Linode.

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