E-mail with MySQL backend

Does anybody know how to setup an e-mail server with a MySQL backend? I have a tutorial that gives me pretty much everything I want stored in a database, but I would like to have the e-mail messages stored there also to make distributed servers easier.

I am imaging a modified Postfix that would write to the database instead of the filesystem and an IMAP server that appears to pull the information from a file, but is actually pulling it from the database.

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The only system I know of that does that is http://www.dbmail.org/

I've never used it, but I've seen several discussions regarding sticking mail in a DB on other POP3/IMAP daemon's mailing lists where the resounding opinion of the developers was that it's a bad idea. Whether or not they are correct I couldn't say.


Postfix should be able to use whatever delivery agent you want - I think a lot of people use procmail for this. You'll need to set up your configuration, but no reason to modify Postfix itself.


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