So, this is my official first full month (last month, I signed up). I was poking around my account and saw that on the payments page it said I owed $19.95 for the month (correct) with a link that said that I should click to pay (which I did).

My question is, do I have to do this every month? Or does at some point in the month the payment is automatically charged to the credit card I have on file with Linode?

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Invoices are usually generated about midnight EDT and your card would have been charged shortly thereafter if you didn't click the link manually. As long as your billing information is kept up to date, you do not need to take any action each month.


Awesome, one less bill to keep track of :) Thanks!

And even better, if your credit card has expired then you get a warning email one month before the bill is due so you can update your card details and not lose service.


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