If you have upgraded your Linode, what did you run out of?

I have a Linode 360, and I'm not really sure what resource will constrain it the most.

For those who have upgraded to a higher plan, what was the constraining factor? CPU, RAM, disk space, disk speed, transfer or bandwidth?

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The thing that you are most likely to run out of is RAM.

Hence the reason packages are named for the amount of ram you get…

Thanks for the replies :)

I am using lighttpd and cgi (with C code) where possible instead of Apache and php (except for PunBB, which I hope will also be lighter than phpBB).

So I'm hoping not to run out of RAM that soon. It'll be fun to see how far I can stretch the Linode 360.

I definitely wouldn't do it in production, but I've run Zimbra (postfix, jetty[java], apache, mysql and more) on a Linode 360 and it ran reasonably with no tuning. I did disable the anti-virus/anti-spam components–I'm not crazy ;)

You didn't mention your traffic or where you've previously run this system, but since you're optimizing your platform to a high degree, I think you'll do well. I personally favor the Linode 1080 size; the 360s are for testing or things that can run more slowly.

If you don't want to jump to the next Linode size, you could always buy a bit more RAM under the Extras section of the Linode Manager (but upgrading is so much better--and cheaper overall).

Please let us know how it goes!


I haven't ran this system before, it's a new site for a distributed computing effort. So I'm not really sure how big traffic will be, but probably not high at all at least for a few months.

I'll let you know how it goes :)


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