Is this right for me? A Wordpress MU Question...


I'm really interested in the Linode offering and I'm a noob to VPS. I'm a NGO from India and all my customers will be school children in India.

My purpose is to have a Wordpress MU main site and have multiple blogs with their own sub-domains for each school with BuddyPress possibly thrown-in. The main site will be the homepage for the schools program. I also want to have one more blog configured to a different domain, which will be the homepage of the NGO itself.

I'll be starting initially with one school blog with 200 potential posters. Mostly text data with a few images. Traffic initially may not be too much, but can go up - if this effort is successful. This can go up to 10 schools within this year.

I wanted to know if Linode 360 will be sufficient for me to do this. I cannot spend too much on this. Will I get any discount for agreeing to a full year as well?

Also, will Apache/MySQL be necessary or can a smaller server give me a lower footprint without losing out on performance?

Sorry, if this is the wrong forum to post this on and for the multiple questions. As I'm still not a customer, I thought it is best to post it here. All help will be really appreciated.

Best Regards,

Ulhas Anand

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I have no experience with Wordpress, but I can answer some of your other questions.

It's easy to upgrade from Linode 360 to a more advanced plan, so if you will initially just support 200 users it's perfectly fine to start with the 360. If you sign up for a whole year you get a 10% discount.

Apache is not the best choice for a memory-limited environment, lighttpd or nginx would be better choices (I favor lighttpd due to what I perceive to be easier to access documentation… nginx's original documentation is written in Russian). As a bonus it also handles high load better than Apache, using less CPU to handle the same number of requests. That should make it easier to serve more users with the same Linode plan. You should use the FastCGI version of PHP, which is a one-step process of configuration. A php accelerator like xcache would probably also help.

However you will have to ask others (and try yourself) if lighttpd works well with Wordpress. From a quick google search, they appear to be compatible, as two well written applications should be.

I did find some people talking about a problem with URL rewriting rules working differently from Apache, with an apparent solution to the problem here:

Hi rbarreira,

Thanks for the information and the link.

Has anyone successfully run WPMU on Linode? I'd really be interested to know.

Best Regards,

Ulhas P. Anand

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Yes. I have sucessfully installed Wordpress MU on one of my domains. although, Im still testing it, I have succesfully created 10 subdomains with WP in it.

no panel configuration. just created the subdomains via wpmu.


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