Can I have Linode configure and update my system for me?

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I want to set up my application on Linode, but I would rather have someone else do this for me. Can Linode help me with this?

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The Linode Professional Services Team may be able to help with your project:

Pro Services is Linode's in-house system administration team. Pro Services is able to set up new systems, update existing systems, and perform application performance troubleshooting. This work is completed under contract with Pro Services, and our team will provide a contract before the work begins.

To find out how much your project would cost and get a time estimate for the work, you can fill out the team's 'Get a quote' form. Alternatively, you can give us a call:

(International: +1-609-380-7562)

Pro Services is available between 9AM and 5PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday.


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