Don't waste time searching for a good VPS, buy a Linode.

Do you think that you can find a service like that at this price?

I don't think so.

If you are searching for a good VPS, don't waste time,

buy a Linode.

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If you are searching for a good VPS, don't waste time,

buy a Linode.



the most incredibly things is that this is a great service that worth lot of money at a cheap price.

So if you need a great service but you are not interested in a cheap service, also in this case, linode is what you are searching for.

I'm too satisfied. I love it.

> To commemorate this milestone and to show our appreciation for you, our customers, we’ve increased RAM across all our plans by about +42%. The new Linode Lineup looks like this: Linode 512, Linode 768, Linode 1024, Linode 1536, Linode 2048, Linode 4096 (4GB), Linode 8192 (8GB), Linode 12288 (12GB), Linode 16384 (16GB), Linode 20480 (20GB).

This upgrade is available immediately for existing and new customers. To take advantage of your new RAM, simply reboot once. That’s it!

They added 42% of RAM for free… :O

I need to advertise linode as much as I can.


They added 42% of RAM for free…

This isn't the first free upgrade from linode. When I first signed up (April 2004) I had 64Mb RAM and 3Gb disk (plus 1.5Gb free for paying yearly).

Today I have 512Mb RAM and 16Gb disk (plus 8Gb grandfathered for paying yearly).

For the same price. (Clearly disk space hasn't kept up with memory!)

Of course I scaled my software to work in 64Mb, so "free -m" tells me I'm currently using 40Mb of memory. Heh :-)

There are cheaper VPS's that can give you more, but they look shady and get bad reviews. I think it's because they are over subscribing their machines and cutting corners. :evil:

I am happy to pay a little more for the reliability and quality that Linode offers. So far I am a VERY happy Linode customer. I have 2 Linode 1024's, one in Fremont and one in Dallas. Both have been chugging along fine for months.

Agree, this is a superb VPS service,

I have been using VPSLink in the past but they went downhill like a rock after that recent sale. So I have signed up for a linode just couple of days ago.

Things I found amazing so far:

  • Linode Manager is the best VPS console/management tool I have ever seen. I recall VPSLink again - did you know they don't even have a bandwidth graph and no metrics on that? Yet, they charge for going over-your limits heh.

  • Linode has the latest Ubuntu 10.04 template when others (including VPSLink) are struggling to implement it (some sort of Xen issues)


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