telnet login problem

Hello.. can anyone help.. I am an experience user but I made a change to my linode.. ADDED the unsused space to my existing etc3 image.. now I have 2 images that are labled etc3: a disc image etc3 that is the operating system and I have an etc3 image that is free space.. the server works perfecting hosting all files. FTP works fine, but I cannot get to the proper directories in my TELNET console session.. so when logging into TELNET I think I am just going into the new disc image space and not my operating system directories..

QUESTION? can anyone tell me how to configure telnet to get into the proper directories when opening a session..

Dumb question I know but I really can't figure this one out..

Thanks in advance,


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I would recommend using ssh (putty for windoze users) and scp (winscp for windoze users) as opposed to telnet and ftp.

The extra space isn't mounted in your linode.

+1 to using SSH instead of unencrypted telnet, you're just asking for trouble.


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