When will Block Storage be available in my datacenter?

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Does Linode have a list for when Block Storage will come online in the different datacenters?

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As of Oct 8, 2018, Block Storage is online in Fremont, Newark, Dallas, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, and Tokyo 2.

Location APIv4 Location Label Availability
US West (Fremont) us-west Yes, available
US East (Newark) us-east Yes, available
US Central (Dallas) us-central Yes, available
EU Central (Frankfurt) eu-central Yes, available
EU West (London) eu-west Yes, available
AP South (Singapore) ap-south Yes, available
AP Northeast (Tokyo 2) ap-northeast Yes, available
US Southeast (Atlanta) us-southeast Not available
AP Northeast (Tokyo 1) ap-northeast-1a Not available

Linode does not have a timeline in place for deployment of Block Storage to US Southeast (Atlanta), and it will not be deployed to our Tokyo 1 location.

If you have a Linode in a location that does not have Block Storage and you would like to move to one that does, you can migrate the Linode to another location:

Is it free to transfer my linode to another data center?

This guide describes how to set up a Block Storage Volume for your Linode:

How to Use Block Storage with Your Linode

Q2 2018 is ending, hope it happen soon in Singapore.

Hey @matbaonetwork! Block Storage launched in Singapore (and London) today!


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