[SOLVED] Troubles with SSH Pub Auth


I have setup SSH with Public Key Authentication and this works fine for one account, but not the other. Neither account is root, they both use Putty as the client, and keys were generated from putty-gen. The relevant public key for each user is in /home//.ssh/authorized_keys, with the key files themselves also in this folder. In putty, each user has a saved session, containing their key and enable authentication by Pageant is ticked, with both private keys loaded in pageant.

The error on the second account is no supported authentication methods available.

Both users are in the same group and listed in AllowUsers and AllowGroups in sshd.config. I have been trying to figure this out for the past couple hours now, but just can't see what the problem is. Any thoughts on what the issue could be, would be greatly appreciated.



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Does PuTTY say "Server denied our key" before tossing the "No supported auth method available" message?

Are the /home/(user)/.ssh/authorized_keys files owned by the respective users?

Does the problematic user's home directory coincide with /home/(user) ?

Any typos, e.g. authurized_keys?

log into the linode through LISH, then check out /var/log/auth.log - this file contains info on login errors. You'll get clear information on why you're actualy unable to log in.

hope it helps.


I knew the problem would be something simple, and of course it was. I have found the problem was authorized_keys being chmod 0600, I have since set it to 0644, and all is well.

Thanks guys

@Serial Cookie:

[…]uthorized_keys being chmod 0600, I have since set it to 0644, and all is well.

Strange my .ssh directory is 0700 and all files underneath except id_rsa.pub I've chmod 0600 with no problems whatsoever.


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