Best way to upgrade / rebuild a Linode.

That time has come where I'd like to rebuild my Deb7 and move it to Deb9 but as this Linode was my "learn how to linux" I'd like to rebuild it. My issue is this Deb7 Linode currently has a number of people who are using it for email so I need to have limited down time.

I was thinking the following:

  1. starting a small linode to configure the disk for deb9.
  2. move the disk image to the current linode.

Is this the best solution? I've never done this before.

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If your disk image is 2GB or under, it would be possible for you to use Linode Images to transfer your disk to your new Linode.

Chances are, though, that your disk is larger than 2GB. If this is the case, then you can use something like SCP (1, 2) to transfer the files over to your new Debian 9 Linode once it's set up.


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