avahi-daemon - is it necessary?


I've just installed a CentOS 5.2 distro and have been going through it turning off unnecessary services. I ran across avahi-daemon, went to the avahi website to check it out and don't think I need it but I was wondering if it is necessary for operation of a linode (come from a cpanel background where lots of things seem useless/unneeded yet break cpanel). I searched the forums but there's no discussion of avahi that I can find. Looked at a couple of the HowTos and documentation on linode.com as well where turning off unnecessary services were discussed but avahi wasn't mentioned. Can anyone offer any guidance?

Much appreciated,


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There's nothing for avahi to discover on your Linode's local network so you may as well disable it. It's not installed on any of my Linodes.

Thanks. I thought that was the case.



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