Running a forum and blog on Linode 360

So I've purchased a linode 360 and have built a wordpress blog and vbulletin forum.

I turn the thing on tonight and I start crashing at around 20-30 simultaneous users (which includes unregistered guests).

Is anyone else trying to run a forum on a 360? Is it a configuration problem on my part?

Is the 360 just an inferior solution for a forum?

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Is anyone else trying to run a forum on a 360? Is it a configuration problem on my part?


I can live with that but does anyone know of any guide for tuning a server for a vbulletin forum? This is the second forum I have put on linode on separate accounts and neither is performing well when traffic picks up. I went by the book in my server setup but I wonder what should be different.

You probably need to tune your apache and mysql configs, or drop to a smaller footprint web server (lighttpd, nginx, cherokee). There is plenty of doc on the forum and google.

In your Apache configuration file, find the MaxClients directive and cut it down to something like 20. Then restart Apache and see if it helps.

Suggest you try lighttpd/lightspeed/nginx

Thank you for the suggestions. I will try the MaxClients change and then perhaps setup a second linode and start playing with configuring the alternative web servers.

I do appreciate it

I had the same problem than you!

You need 2 thing, if you use wordpress use a caching plugin. Wordpress will kill your server, too much php and mysql request

Php eaccelerator: optimizer, and dynamic content cache.

Since then, i did peaks with 6000 thousand hits a day.

When you say "crashing", what do you mean exactly?

Do you mean that your Linode runs out of memory and bombs? Do you mean that your web server starts rejecting connections? Do you mean that the server gets incredibly slow?

Handling 20-30 simultaneous users on a 360 shouldn't be too hard, although Apache is probably not the easiest way to do it.


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