Thoughts from a first time user

So, I just sent in a ticket and had the Backup Service Beta enabled on my account. I realize this is a BETA and is UNFINISHED, but here are my thoughts:

Notes tied to Snapshots? Personally I think it would be fantastic if it were possible to add a note along with each of the user initiated Snapshots. For instance, I may want to make a not such as "Linode Snapshot (Ubuntu 9.04) made before revamp of permission system."

Backup Log appearance needs touchup (IE to match the DNS Manager). I'm sure caker just threw a table in there, but it never hurts to check.

Perhaps a "Number of Changed Files" field? I'm not 100% sure this will be useful, but if you're on some sort of a vacation, comeback and find your Linode is seriously messed up, you might not know when issues developed. If you have a "Number of Changed Files" listing you might be able to pinpoint where a BUNCH of system configurations changed. Then again install/uninstalling packages will product inaccurate results. Any thoughts on this?

API integration? I'm 90% sure this has already been mentioned.

Access to "snapshots" from beyond the LPM? IE being able to download a snapshot of all your Linode's Disks at that point-in-time. Not sure if this is possible. Thoughts?

Overall, I've just made my first Snapshot, and am very impressed with the speed. Good job Linode!

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