Network statistics from a firewall?

Hi guys!

This is not quite related to Linode, but I thought someone here might have a little bit of experience with it (or maybe at least point me in the right direction).

We have a PC box set up as firewall at work, using Debian Linux and two networking cards set up as a bridge interface (eth0+eth1=br0). All traffic to our /26 segment goes through this box before arriving to any other IP address.

Is there any way of generating web-displayed statistics of how much network traffic is being passed on to each IP address on the inside?

The environment on the inside is a mix between Windows and Linux (both sides with different flavors/versions; mainly Gentoo, Debian, Win2k and Win2k3).

For now, just the amount of traffic (MiB/GiB/TiB) to each IP address will do, with graphs showing daily/weekly/monthly statistics.

I know iptraf is able to capture the packets in real-time on the firewall box (displaying both packet count and packet sizes), so I'm hoping some configuration will do the same for statistics.

If Munin can do it, please guide me to the right configuration and/or tutorial that will get me there.


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Have a look into ntop might be what you're after


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