Can I prepay for my Linode services?

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I'm receiving monthly bills from Linode, but I want to pay for several months up-front. Is there a way to do this?

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It is possible for you to make a manual payment that covers a period of time longer than one month. This guide outlines where to make that payment in our Manager:

Making a Payment

To do this, you would take the monthly cost for your services and then multiply that by the number of months you'd like to prepay for. When you make this payment, that amount gets added as account credit to your account.

Linode will still issue monthly invoices for your services, but they will draw from the account credit instead of your card. When the credit is eventually depleted, we will automatically begin billing to your card again. You could choose to make another manual pre-payment at that time too.

If you would like Linode to create an estimate for the cost of your services over a period of time, you can open a ticket with the Linode Support Team:

Contacting Linode Support

Let us know which Linodes/Linode plans should be in the estimate and what period of time the estimate should cover. We'll then make the calculations and tell you the sum.

If you'd like, the Linode Support Team can also provide an 'estimate document' for those services. This similar in format to an invoice, as it will include a breakdown of the services and their costs. It is not technically an invoice, as you are able to change or discontinue your services at any time. If you would like to receive this estimate document, please also let us know which email to send this document to.


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