Extras vs. another server


I'm close to exceeding my bandwidth.

What happens when I exceed it? Do I get automatically charged?

I'm on a Linode 720… 'Extras' for 400GB is $40, and another Linode 720 is also $40. As transfer is shared between Linodes, wouldn't it be a no brainer but to get an extra Linode?

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A 720 node is in a machine with other 20 nodes, while a 1440 node is with 10 nodes, so if you upgrade your plan you'll have more resorces available and less nodes to share resources with.

Good point, I did not think of that.

Forgetting upgrading thought, if you just needed some extra bandwidth for a month, and didn't have time to migrate between linodes (downtime), wouldn't it make sense to buy the extra linode and just not use it and use its bandwidth?

they wont shut you down, they just do an extra invoice at the end of the month that gets added to your monthly charges.

just let go over and they will invoice you, so that way you are only paying for what you actually use. its all good.

Awesome, thank you for your message. That is a relief.


Awesome, thank you for your message. That is a relief.
File a ticket and we'll review your situation.


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