How do I cancel my account?

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I created an account and tried out a Linode a few hours ago, but I found that unmanaged hosting doesn't suit the needs of my project group. How do I cancel my account and request a refund?

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You can cancel your account via the "Cancel this Account" link at the bottom of the "Account" tab in the Linode Manager, as described in the billing guide.

You should request a refund in the cancellation note, and if you are canceling within 7 days of signing up, you will receive a full refund for your initial deposit.

If you cancel your account after seven (7) days, please note that there is typically a $5 charge.

Also, if you have an outstanding balance for any running service, upon cancellation, if applicable, you will be issued a pro-rata reimbursement based on the hourly cost of that service.

Finally, please note that we only process refunds to the card that the payment came from, even if that card is expired or canceled.


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