SSL form hosting?

This isn't a linode question, but I hope that someone here would know of a good company.

The people I work for host a few hundred web sites on a Windows server (I know, it wasn't my decision). One of our customers wants a secure form, but the architecture of the server we're using to host the sites makes me squeamish about doing it on our box.

We don't need any actual transaction processing – we just want someone who can host a form, and give us a screen to look at whatever data has been posted through the form.

Are there any good companies that do this?

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Well, if you just want something simple (and free), Google enables you to build forms and dump the form data into a spreadsheet. … opic=15166">

Never used them but you can look at

Thanks for both of those responses.

We sort of need to be able to tweak the HTML exactly how we want it, so I'm not sure those will work. I'll check them out, though.



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