There's no other like Linode


I don't like to do public recommendations because I may regret, but Linode deserves this and I'm making an exception, since it's the most powerful, support friendly and amazing VPS provider I ever used.

I was a Linode costumer back in 2003 but never had a new project that needed a VPS until now.

I came back almost a year ago and Linode never stop surprising me.

Now that Linode came to Europe I must say that all my dreams came true :)

I'm not going to say what are the advantages of Linode … you can try by yourself!

Congratulations for you success and thank you (all the linode team) for providing such wonderful service.

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Linode is an example of a company who provides and excellent service and doesn't get caught up with all the Gee Whiz Bling and focuses on providing an excellent service for a fair price. I've been with them going on two years now and I'm extremely happy and recommend them every chance I get.

Keep up the outstanding job that you have been doing. That and by the interaction from those who work @ Linode I can tell you treat your people well. That is the formula for success, you're doing it right! 8)


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