Linode disk image size inconsistency

I have a disk image which I have resized, using the Linode Manager, to 512MB. The size of this image as shown in the Dashboard tab is, as expected, 512MB.

However, the size of the image obtained from within the Linode, using "fdisk -l /dev/xvdN", is 541065216 bytes: exactly 516MB. This is also the size of the file produced by "dd if=/dev/xvdN of=…".

Why does the size displayed by the Linode Manager appear to be 4MB less than the actual size?

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Rounding error?

Does being off 4M really make a difference?

We use LVM for the disk images. When an LV is created the size is rounded up to the next even multiple of the physical extent size (in our case 4 MB).


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