Enable cut & paste in Centos 5 ?

I have CentOS installed on my Linode server.

How can I enable cut and paste when I use the shell via SSH?

Thank you,


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I always right click somewhere in the SSH client screen and it pastes whatever is copied on my clipboard.

Since I reinstalled after the crash a couple of months ago, I no longer have cut and paste in my shell terminals.

I think it has something to do with gpm but I can't seem to get it configured.


Isn't cut&paste entirely a function of your SSH client and/or local terminal emulator, nothing to do with the server? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.

It could be but I have always used putty from Windows and SSH from the command line in any linux version. For some reason it is not working and I am trying to sort it out.

Thanks, Jeff

With PuTTY, all you have to do is select some text and then it's in your clipboard.

For Linux from the command line, it's up to your terminal emulator (Konsole? Whatever the Gnome equivalent is?) to perform the same functions.

I honestly don't think it could possibly be an issue on the server end.

Note that PuTTY has three different mouse selection modes; also, if some server-side application sends the xterm "track mouse" sequence you need to hold Shoft for the clipboard functionality.

PuTTY Configuration -> Window -> Selection

In Linux console, you need to have GPM daemon installed.

Most (all?) X11 terminal emulator do it the regular X11 way (select with LMB, then paste with middle).

Thank you for the help RSB,

I believe I have it sorted out now.



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